Friday, January 8, 2010

Welcome to 2010

Welcome to 2010!
We hope the silly season treated you all with the respect you deserve. Hopefully you are embracing 2010 and we wish that it delivers a year of fun, frivolity and adventure to all our patrons, past and present.
Anita and I have kicked the year off in differing hemispheres with a contrast of snow and sunshine. I'm afraid Anita wins in this regard as she is enjoying a European winter wonderland whilst I painted, painted, painted and moved little munchkins from cots to beds. I did squeeze in a week at the beach so I can't really whinge too convincingly. I've also had alot of time on my hands to waste online and have discovered a few lovely gems to share - check out for a gorgeous mix of quirky kids stuff, vintage homewares and collectibles. Worth a browse with cup of tea and a tim tam. Next week, however, the frivolity will come to a crashing end, it will be all hands on deck as we lay the preparations for our third collection and start to plan for the Mathilda's Markets in March.

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