Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Big Kid Beds for Little Dreamers

Ahh the joys of toddlers....constant chatting, newfound climbing skills, the new and not so wonderful world of tantrums, cheeky grins, gorgeous cuddles and of course the inevitable move to a big kids bed. Whilst our little lovelys are still sleeping in their cots we've been chatting alot lately about when and how to make the move to a big kid's bed and importantly how to dress their beds!

This and a flood of enquiries have sparked us to add the single bed sized quilts to our range of baby and now toddler bedding. So, now you can order any of the gorgeous quilts you see featured on our website in single bed size. The quilts are $299 and are 100% cotton, filled with organic cotton batting and are a lighter option for little ones than a quilt cover and insert. We're interested to hear how you made the move from cot to single bed and also, what do you make of the popular toddler sized beds? Are they a good tool for transitioning to the bigger bed or an unnecessary yet very cute expense?

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